Without a doubt one of the most outstanding aspects of La Fortuna is the friendly and experienced staff of 8 led by the House Concierge, a Chef, Housekeeping staff, gardener, laundress, and their very own gaucho Don Chazarreta who takes care of the horses and drives the antique carriages that are on the property.

Each member of the staff is genuinely dedicated to making the guests who visit La Fortuna live a unique a memorable experience. They are truly proud of what they do; they are the behind the scenes stars, who discreetly make guests feel at home and make sure that all their needs are taken care of in a charming and professional way.

Through this team, the owners of La Fortuna, Massimo Ianni and Hernan Javier Olmedo, bring to the table over 28 years of international experience in the hospitality industry.

Massimo has been responsible for some of the most luxurious and sophisticated hotels in the world, and brings to his very own Palacio de Las Pampas, his passion for elegant living, attention to detail, creativity in every scenario, and above all else, his and Hernan's personal warmth and charm as hosts.

Both Massimo and Hernan, and their team, are deeply committed to preserving the traditions of the land and local culture, and through La Fortuna, they work together to strengthen these values and share them with all who visit.