…Experience the authentic argentine countryside, immerse yourself it’s culture and tradition surrounded by luxury, sophistication and modern amenities…..

La Fortuna opens its palatial doors for exclusive stays to show the splendor of its architecture and artwork, the warmth of its people, their respect for tradition and custom, and the care they take of birds, animals and plants that surround them.

Right away guests feel at home at La Fortuna. As you walk through the bright and airy residence, you immediately notice the large Windows, the majestic staircase and the noble materials used in the construction.

Walking the grounds you can see the gauchos at work, go on a horseback ride, tour the gardens in an Antique sulky, or simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and endless blue sky. The Palacio de las Pampas, opulent yet simple, is a destination that promises memorable experiences for all.

Founded in 1873, Estancia La Fortuna originally belonged to the Franco-Argentine Estrugamou Family. Designed by the French architect Le Bergere, the main house was built in 1902 while the gardens were designed by the German landscaper Otto Becker. The materials, marble, iron fittings and the magnificent cupola that graces the top of the observatory were also all imported from France.

In 2009 the main house was totally renovated while maintaining the original charm and glamour, yet incorporating modern technology. Two years later, the current owners, experts in hospitality and luxury brands purchased the property and added their own touch of sophistication and culture as well as professionalized service.

Home to more than a century of grandiose living, La Fortuna continues to be a majestic residence where one can sense history, art, and culture through architecture and art. Its grounds, garden and typical farming activities allow guests to lose themselves in the fresh air and sunshine, yet at the end of the day enjoy the residence as if it were their own, discreetly attended by a team of professionals who take great pride in the property and its traditions and transmit this to their guests.